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An economy can, and should,
be changed to suit the needs
of people and the planet.

Tshikovha Sustainability Path


Our passion lies in helping your business comply with the outcomes of COP 28 and plan your future with environmental requirements so that your projects are successfully implemented.

Our Feature

climate change and sustainability issues

Our Existence

we help protect the environment by helping clients comply with environmental laws at all levels of their value chain. I am looking at working with government leaders and top executives to help them make better decisions.

Our Expertise

We helps with ESG and other environmental compliance requirements. When climate change is already by far the most popular topic and billions of people are suffering from climate change impact in every corner of the world,

Our Purpose

The climate imperative demands a comprehensive response to address risk and seize opportunities. We expect a world where businesses put environmental compliance into practice and execute a strategy that makes decarbonization a source of competitive advantage.

About Book

Massive transformation purpose

Our business approaches support organizations on their journey to becoming fully sustainable and regenerative by turning intention into action. We do this by uniquely combining environmental, climate change, sustainability expertise, and human-powered solutions to co-create ambitious strategies, drive behavior change, and integrate regenerative practices so that organizations can achieve their full potential.

We are a creative climate change and sustainability advisory firm with a mission to put sustainability at the heart of the businesses we serve.

I have seen my businesses transform from Tshikovha Environmental and Communication Consulting to Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd and now Tshikovha Climate Change and Sustainability Firm in a quest to stay at the core of the world’s environmental requirements and lead change in the business we serve. We have not let any business down.


Moudy Mudzielwana

Be a team player.

we are one thing

We are a strong community of equals. We are here for each other and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, even after our graduates and employees have found new homes, Tshikovha remains a home. We have a culture that fosters growth. It shapes our character, based on our firm conviction that we can achieve anything  if we stand together.

Pass the Ball

Individual achievements lay the foundations for collective success. But we also know when to step back for the good of the team. Whether at work or at home, look out for colleagues in a better position; bring others into play, get to know them, and support them. Share your ideas: a good idea is a good idea, no matter who thought of it.

Act with Confidence

Be courageous and embrace challenges. Believe that anything is possible. Don’t underestimate major undertakings, but don’t be afraid of making mistakes – as mistakes are part of life. If you are self-confident, you will learn from your mistakes and become more successful.

We help companies understand the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and sustainability issues.

Our Director

Moudy Mudzielwana

Moudy is an initiative-taking human and climate change advocate. Moudy is a sustainability leader and regenerative business practitioner with over 20 years of environmental and technical consulting experience.

In over a decade of developing and delivering environmental approvals, waste management strategies, climate change adaptation strategy, sustainability strategies, learning and leadership projects he holds a firm belief that technical solutions alone will not achieve the change we need to see , the change we need to inspire and empower leadership at every level, to shift to a regenerative economy.